FRUC 2014 Program

FRUC 2014 Program

We had a great turnout  with eager uke’rs players attending Learn to Play and fingerpicking workshops & hanging out to take in the wonderful performances, and how good was the bushland setting at Indigiscapes, Capalaba.


We all drooled over David Aumann’s exquisite handmade ukuleles!





Saturday night’s concert

Ukulele Virtuoso- Azo Bell – Azo is a man doing things with a ukulele that nobody thought possible. People might think of a ukulele as a toy, a practice instrument, or as something exclusive to Hawaii, but Azo Bell uses it to make music with depth and colour.





The Pockets – Marked by close harmonies and featuring concert, tenor, baritone and bass ukulele along with melodica and kazoo, The Pockets were brimming with frivolity, nostalgia and romance.




 Mama Juju – With a Mama Juju solopowerful voice, a deftly plucked uke and a harmonica, Mama Juju hollered the blues and sang sweetly of old timey romance, drinking, murdering and man stealing.





Sunday’s session included rousing performances by: community Ukulele groups: RCUs , GRUBs,Kine Kool, BUMsteaders, Relatively Speaking, Faux Grass, NumbBUMs  & a big jam along!….. Let’s just say, there were a lot of BUMS hangoing around